Lesson regulations Academy Padel Sportswear

Lesson Regulations

  • Following the padel lessons is at your own risk. The padel school is not liable for personal accidents, injuries and any resulting damage caused during the padelle lessons of a player or player at the padel academy, nor for theft or damage to property of students.
  • Due to the availability of jobs and trainers, it will not always be possible to take everyone's preference into account. Of course we always try to make a suitable appointment.
  • In principle, no padelle lessons are given on public holidays (Easter 2, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, King's Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day and New Year's Day). Padelle lessons that are canceled due to public holidays will be made up. This can be deviated from in consultation with the trainer.
  • If a padelle lesson cannot take place due to illness or inability of the trainer, a replacement trainer will be provided or an appropriate arrangement will be made.
  • Tuition will not be refunded in the event of illness or absence of the student. A replacement may be provided in consultation with the trainer.
  • Once a student/pupil has paid the tuition fee, no refund is possible.
  • Padel lessons once started are in principle not made up. Unless otherwise determined by the trainer.
  • The trainers assess, if necessary in consultation with a member of the accommodation committee, whether or not the padelles can take place in bad weather.
  • In case of rain, the first rain lesson is overtaken, the second rain lesson is at the expense of the student, the third rain lesson is made up again and the fourth is at the risk of the student, etc.
  • In the event of snow and freezing of the track, the padelles will expire and will be overtaken. You will receive a message from the trainer.
  • Padel Sportswear Academy will determine the group divisions in good faith. Interim changes in the group composition can be made if the trainers or students deem this desirable. When the predetermined group size decreases, the tuition fee will increase and an additional invoice will be sent.
  • For an indoor course, for example in winter, the costs of the track rental will be included in the price.
  • We have several options regarding the group size. 4 people is desirable but not a must.
  • If there is insufficient participation within the desired group size, a reclassification will take place, so that a full group will always be trained. If this is not feasible, the total costs will be divided by the number of students.
  • The costs may differ per location and will be made known to the student/pupil in advance in an invoice.
  • The tuition fee must be paid in the week of the course (before the first lesson). When a reminder has to be made, an administration fee (10 euros) will be charged.
  • You pay the tuition fee via an invoice. This will be sent before the start of the course.