Starvie padel rackets

starvie padel

StarVie is a Spanish padel brand that was founded in 2012. Starvie now has a wide range with new models every year, but also popular top rackets that remain successful in the collection for a number of years. They have made a name for themselves with good quality rackets with a unique 3D print in the form of the starvie logo on the racket head for extra spin at the top line rackets. In addition to the rackets, they have launched many accessories, clothing and bags.

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Basic line rackets.

The basic line of rackets are made in a Chinese factory. They are therefore no less qualitative, but will be able to be produced faster in mass production by means of a mall in high numbers. Starvie sets high standards for these factory rackets and are first double checked in Spain before they enter the B2B and B2C market. Some examples are the Starvie Arcadia and with Starvie Spika the latter is full carbon for a competitive price.

Top line rackets.

The top rackets at Starvie are handmade in Spain. A number of top players in the WPT and APT have a sponsorship deal with Starvie. This is how it plays Coki Nieto with the Starvie Basalto and top player Bea Gonzales with the specially made racket de Starvie Astrum 

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