Which padel grip should I choose?

Different types of padel grips

There are different types of padel grips to choose from, depending on your personal preferences and playing style. Here are some of the most common options:

  1. Basic grip: This is the standard grip that comes with most padel rackets. It is usually made of synthetic material and provides sufficient grip for most players.

  2. Overgrip: This is a thin grip that is placed over the base grip of the racket. Overgrips are often used to improve the grip of the racket or to extend the life of the basic grip. They come in different thicknesses and materials, including cotton, synthetic material and leather.

  3. Pro-grip: This is a thicker grip that provides more cushioning than a basic grip. Pro grips are often made of softer material, such as foam rubber, and are used by players who want more comfort while playing.

  4. Non-slip grip: These grips are designed to provide maximum grip even when your hands are sweaty. They are usually made of rubber and have a texture or pattern that provides extra friction between the grip and your hands

  5. Hesacore grip: This is a new type of grip that has recently become popular. It has a unique honeycomb pattern that improves the grip and stability of the racket. Hesacore grips also reduce pressure on the wrist and forearm, making them ideal for players who suffer from injuries or pain in the elbow and shoulder.

  6. X-grip: This is a grip designed with an X pattern, which provides extra grip and comfort. X-grips are made from a material that offers a high level of moisture absorption, making them ideal for players who sweat while playing.

  7. NOX custom grip: This is a personalized grip specially designed for NOX padel rackets. It offers excellent grip and cushioning and can be adjusted to your own wishes and hand position.

  8. Noene padel grip: This is an innovative grip designed to reduce the vibration and shock caused by hitting the ball and impact on the ground. The grip contains a layer of Noene material, a viscoelastic polymer capable of absorbing and reducing vibration.
    The Noene padel grip not only offers excellent shock absorption, but also very good grip and comfort. The material is durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting grip that will last a long time. The grip is also washable and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It is especially suitable for players who suffer from wrist or joint pain, as it reduces pressure on the wrist and forearm and reduces the risk of injury.

    Each grip has its own features and benefits, so it's worth trying out different options to determine which one suits your playing style best.