Babolat Sensa Padel shoe ladies Black/Turqoise

Padel sportswear

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Perform best on the padel court with the Babolat Padel Shoes Sensa Women. It concerns the new 2021 collection of Babolat. The padel shoes stand out because of the black design with the details and the turquoise sole. A super sleek design. They are high-end padel shoes, light, comfortable with a super sole for padel. The padel shoe has a two flex-notch sole to give your foot maximum contact with the ground, so you improve your speed of movement. In addition, the padel shoe has a Michelin sole. Michelin and Babolat have jointly designed a sole that is perfected for every size of shoe. The new S-shaped sole provides even more grip and playing comfort. All in all a top padel shoe for women who want to get the most out of their padel game.


  • The Babolat Women's Padel Shoes Sensa have a fabric in the upper for good ventilation
  • The sole is made of clay and studs designed by Michelin. The side work is provided with a Michelin logo.
  • TPU reinforcements on the side of the shoes, so that your feet remain optimally protected when you bump into the sidewall
  • The Babolat Women's Padel Shoes Sensa are equipped with a stabilization system that prevents twisting of the ankle.
  • The impact on your ankles is reduced with the KPRS-X cushioning system
  • Colour: Black/Turquoise
  • Women's Padel Shoes