NOX Equation Light Advanced 2024

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NOX Equation Light Advanced 2024

This is the control racket for the ladies who are looking for an arm-friendly racket where you can place the ball where you want without sacrificing relatively little power. Because the balance is very low in the racket, it is easy and quick to act.

Discover the perfect equation: a combination of handling, control, precision with a great touch and a wide sweet spot due to the combination of rubber used in professional rackets. The new Equation Light 2024  is a medium/low balance racket with an anti-vibration system to protect players from injuries and a high-quality carbon surface. The blade is finished with a 3D Honeycomb structure.

This racket has the new Smart strap® You can choose between a string or a wide automatic closing wristband. Even more pink with the 2023 model compared to the 2022 model.

Other specifications and information:

  • Size: Round
  • Material Blade: Carbon 
  • Material Frame: Carbon
  • Core: Soft EVA black
  • Weight: 350 - 365 gr
  • Thickness Racket : 38 mm
  • Balance: low
  • Control: 9/10
  • Power: 9/10
  • Surface: 3D Honeycomb