Tactical Padel Katana Black Edition

Padel sportswear

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Tactical Padel Katana Black Edition Padel Racket

The sword of the samurai

Just as the samurai use composure to instill fear in the hearts of their opponents, the stylish design of Katana - Black Edition speaks for itself. The simplistic surface brings out an incredible feel for the game. You get an unbeatable sense of balance and precision - just like the sword in the hand of the samurai.
This racket feels like an extension of your arm. Thanks to the carbon fiber construction you get an easy to play padel racket.

This padel racket is designed in Sweden and handcrafted by Spanish padel experts - to ensure the highest quality

It has a large sweet spot that generates a comfortable feel on contact, helping you maintain power, pace and control. This racket comes with the Shock Absorption System that reduces joint vibrations and promotes comfortable contact with the ball.

A great mix of power, control and handling.


  • Size: Round
  • Material Blade: 3K Carbon
  • Frame Material: 3K Carbon
  • Core: Medium EVA black
  • Weight: 350 - 370 gr
  • Thickness Racket : 38 mm
  • Balance: medium
  • Control: 9/10
  • Power: 9/10
  • Surface: 3D printing logo