How long does a padel racket last?

How long does a padel racket last?

I am regularly asked how long can I use a padel racket and when should I replace it?

What factors influence the service life?

It depends on quite a lot of factors. For example, the material the racket is made of has an influence, do you play in different weather conditions, can you smash hard, do you sometimes hit something other than the ball ;-), the shape and perhaps one that is forgotten, the picking up of the ball by tapping it (without bending).

The material the racket is made of:

Different materials are used for padel rackets. This has to do with the pricing, the playing characteristics, but certainly also the durability of a racket. For example, a fiberglass racket starts at around €39,95 from a renowned brand and even ends at >€500. You can imagine that a budget racket cannot withstand a high impact from both the ball and, for example, the ground or the fence. More about materials and the choice of your padel racket we explain in this article.

The weather conditions: 

If you always play indoors in a (climate-controlled) hall, this will certainly benefit the lifespan. If you often play outside and sometimes in wind and weather, the impact of heavier balls, a wet racket and even a wet foam on the inside of your racket will not benefit the lifespan. Little tip! let a wet racket dry well outside your bag at room temperature. Do not play with it again within a (half) day if it was soaking wet.

Power hitters:

the real power hitters, the players who are used to smashing / hitting hard from tennis or squash, for example, will find that a budget racket is not for them. Within a short time, cracks will appear in the blade or even a tear from hole to hole in the blade. 

Hitting the glass, cage, ground or (racquet of) your teammate:

Hitting objects other than the padel ball will never benefit the racket. So be careful with impact on the ground, the glass and the fence. Small hairline cracks can cause a larger crack to arise with a subsequent impact with, for example, the ball

In conclusion:

The lifespan of a padel racket varies depending on several factors, such as the quality of the racket, the frequency of use and the type of player. In general, a padel racket lasts between 1 and 1,5 years, but with proper maintenance and regular checks, the lifespan can be extended. By investing in a high-quality racket and maintaining it properly, you can enjoy your padel racket for longer.