What should I know about padel?

All information about padel

Padel is a very popular racket game played on a rectangular court surrounded by glass walls and metal fences. The game is played with a small, light ball and rackets that resemble a cross between tennis rackets and squash rackets. Padel is often described as a combination of tennis and squash, as it combines the quick movements and reflexes of squash with the powerful strokes and strategic maneuvers of tennis.

The game originated in Mexico in the XNUMXs and quickly spread to Spain, where it is currently one of the most popular sports. It is played at all levels from recreational to professional and there are competitions worldwide, including the World Padel Tour (WPT).

Padel rules

Padel is played by two teams of two players on opposite sides of the net. The game begins with a serve hit diagonally to the opponent, and then the game is played with rallies where the ball is hit over the net until one team scores a point.

Here are some important rules of padel:

  • The player serves from right to left and must be hit diagonally, with the ball first hitting the ground and then bouncing off the glass walls and/or fence before going over the net.

  • The server has only one chance to serve the ball correctly. If the server misserves the ball, a second serve is called.

  • The receiving team can choose to return the ball immediately before it hits the ground (volleys), or return it after the bounce.

  • The ball may only bounce once on the ground before being hit back, and it may only bounce once against the walls or fence before being hit back.

  • The ball may be hit anywhere in the field of play, including against the glass walls and/or fence.

  • The game is played until one of the teams scores eleven points, with a difference of two points. If the game ends in a draw, a tiebreak is played to seven points.

Dimensions of the padel court

The dimensions of the padel court are 10 meters wide and 20 meters long, including the space needed for the safety glass walls and the metal fence. The playing field is divided into two equal halves by a net, which is 88 centimeters high in the center and 92 centimeters high at the sides.

The back wall of the court is made of glass and 4 meters high, and the side walls are also made of glass and 3 meters high. The ground of the track is made of artificial grass, rubber or cement.

Equipment for padel

To play padel you need a few things:

  • Padel rackets: These are

    special rackets designed for padel. They are smaller and lighter than tennis rackets, usually weighing between 330 and 370 grams. The blade of the racket is usually round or teardrop-shaped, and has holes to reduce air resistance. Padel rackets are made of different materials, such as carbon, fiberglass, titanium and graphite.

    • Padel balls: Padel balls are small, light and soft, and are used for playing. They are usually made of rubber and are about 6,35 centimeters in diameter. Padel balls are available in different speeds and are designed to bounce on the court's artificial grass, rubber or cement floor.

    • Clothing: Padel is usually played in comfortable sportswear, such as T-shirts, shorts, sports pants and sports shoes. Wearing a sweatband can be useful for wiping sweat from the forehead while playing.

    • Goggles: For safety reasons, wearing goggles is mandatory while playing padel. This protects the eyes against possible injuries from the ball or racket.

    Top athletes of the WPT

    The World Padel Tour (WPT) is the largest professional padel competition in the world, with tournaments all over the world. Below are some of the top players currently active in the WPT:

    • Juan Lebron: Juan Lebron is the current number one padel player in the world and has won a number of major tournaments, including the World Padel Championship in 2020 and the Adeslas Madrid Open in 2021.

    • Alejandro Galán: Alejandro Galán is currently number two in the world rankings and has a number of important victories, including the Valencia Open in 2020 and the Andalucía Open in 2021.

    • Paquito Navarro: Paquito Navarro is currently ranked third in the world rankings and has won some major tournaments, including the Cervezas Victoria Málaga Master in 2021.

    • Sanyo Gutiérrez: Sanyo Gutiérrez is an experienced padel player and former world number one. He has an impressive track record and has won several major tournaments, including the World Padel Championship in 2016.

    • Bela and Lima: Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima together form a very successful team in the WPT and have won several major tournaments together, including the World Padel Championship in 2019.


    Padel is a fun and exciting sport suitable for players of all ages and abilities. The game combines the best elements of tennis and squash and is played on a specially designed court with glass walls and metal fences. To play padel sp

    Sometimes you need some essentials, such as a padel racket, padel balls, comfortable sportswear and safety glasses.

    The game requires not only physical strength and stamina, but also strategic thinking and teamwork as it is played in pairs. The rules are easy to understand and there are several variations of the game to make it accessible to beginners.

    In recent years, padel has gained popularity, especially in Europe and Latin America, and the World Padel Tour has become one of the most followed professional padel competitions in the world. With some of the world's best players playing at a high level, the WPT offers a thrilling viewing experience for fans of the sport.

    All in all, padel is a fun and engaging sport that is suitable for anyone looking for a new challenge. Whether you are an experienced player or have never played padel, padel is a sport you should try if you get the chance.