Which padel shoes should I choose?

Which padel shoes should I choose?

We often see padel players taking to the court with running shoes or sneakers resulting in slipping and sliding and to make matters worse with injuries. We really don't recommend this because grip and stability are very important on the padel court. In this article we will try to help you with the choice of your padel shoes.

The grip of a padel shoe.

The grip is perhaps the most important aspect. Because you mainly move forwards and backwards, but certainly also sideways and in both cases you want to stand still during your stroke because you simply have less time during this dynamic game and therefore do not want to slide (like in tennis for example). With the latest innovations in padel shoes, we are a clear herringbone for the grip, but often also a circle on the forefoot for a quick turn on the forefoot. For example, Babolat has entered into a partnership with Michelin (yes, those car tires)
Below is a photo of a Munich x padel shoe and a Babolat Padel shoe.

MUNICH X Padel shoe BABOLAT Padel shoe


The Flexibility of the padel shoe.

The flexibility of the padel shoe is especially important because, as mentioned before, you move a lot forward. The settlement of the foot and therefore also the shoe is very important because your foot naturally makes a bulge when you put it on. This flexibility is important in the sole and not in the lateral support movement of the foot/ankle. For example, Babolat has chosen to make the sole at the forefoot of three parts, so that you have more grip with your forefoot. Flexibility in the shoe ensures that you can accelerate more easily compared to a harder sole.


The firmness of the padel shoe.

Now that sounds very contradictory compared to the piece above. The firmness in the shoe is therefore not to be confused with that of the shoe sole. The firmness in the shoe is very desirable for lateral movement for the ankle. For example, with one model Munich opts for a reinforced heel and extra flap at the forefoot so that you can put on the shoe extra, and with the other model an extra sock attached to the shoe that also offers a lot of support for the sideways with a harder material and the laces. movements. For example, Babolat opts for a harder material on the outside that is also attracted by the lace and therefore fits well to the foot. In addition, there are many other shoes such as Asics, Nike and Bullpadel that produce padel shoes.

See below the Babolat Jet Premura with the harder material and the Munich X Atomik shoe with reinforced heel arch

BABOLAT Jet Premura MUNICH X Atmomik

So don't save on your padel shoes. This is really an important aspect when choosing your padel items. Many customers and padel buddies have greatly appreciated advice not to continue with a tennis shoe, sneaker or running shoe, but to play on a "real" padel shoe.

If you have any questions or are unable to choose the padel shoes feel free to send us a whatsapp or a message via the chat on our website