Hesacore Tourgrip White

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Many padel players often squeeze their grip too hard, which overloads the arm, but it also happens that players suffer from slippery overgrips. This does not promote your game and that is why the HesaCore padel grip is a good solution.

This gives you:

- Much more racket and ball feeling
- More comfort
- More relaxation in the arm (no more pinching)
- Racket is stuck in the hand and no longer rotates on the stroke
- Fits any grip
- Plays Great

The Hesacore Tourgrip is a grip that replaces the original grip of the racket. Its specific shape allows you to create more friction with your fingers. This has many advantages.
Firstly, the Hesacore Tourgrip is much more comfortable than a traditional grip: many padel players who already use it, including the Dutch Padeltop, can no longer do without it.
Second, the fact that the hand is much firmer and more stable at the handle allows the muscles of the hand and forearm to relax, limiting muscle fatigue and trauma. 

When installing, you must use the fittings. Often these are not used and the Hesacore tears through. This is not a factory defect. Check the manual carefully so that you do not put it upside down. Otherwise he will tear through.